Our Approach

We believe that the future of enterprise software is extremely exciting. For the first time ever, enterprise software is not “just a database” – but it has the power to meaningfully impact the lives of all users.

Imagine, CRM that finally delivers on the promise to help sales people be more efficient and effective, while also delivering on the data and analytics management needs to make better business decisions.

Less typing, More selling
Beautifully Simple CRM for
Sales Organizations
Built by sales people, for sales people
Meet the App

Personalized Sales Coach

Stay on top of your accounts automatically thanks to the built in AI Sales Coach, which automatically prioritizes your accounts for you. Easily personalize the Sales Coach to match your industry.

Brilliantly easy To use

An experience designed to empower sales people to succeed. Account HQ puts the sales person in the drivers seat. Search, filter, sort, analyze, plot on a map, all in one blazingly fast dashboard.

Less Typing, More Selling

Account HQ automatically enters data for you. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite to automatically sync your calendar and emails.

Insights and Analytics

Reports and analytics shouldn’t be the hardest thing to do in CRM and restricted only to management. As a successful sales person, you need your insights and data at your fingertips.
Meet the team
Sales canvas Founders
Chris Hamoen
Founder & CEO
Anders Rawlins
News & Blog
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