• Chris Hamoen

CRM that Dares to be Different

When we started Sales Canvas we believed strongly that CRM today fails at doing anything besides being a database. End users hate it and refuse to engage, and management can’t get the data they need to help drive the business forward (stuck with complicated reports and bad data!).

We’ve talked to users from the start about what they need and in this post I’m going to talk about two examples included in recent updates to Sales Canvas.

Hit Lists

It’s very common in sales to need to create a quick list of names to hit. They aren’t leads, just names to group together to reach out to.

Examples include:

  • Planning a trip

  • Hitting a market segment for a new product launch

  • Targeting top accounts in a certain industry for strategic business growth opportunities

This should be incredibly easy and fast to do. It shouldn’t require reports, integrations, or getting IT/Sales Ops involved in setting up complicated CRM reports. Sales people should be able to do this themselves.

Enter Hit Lists. In Sales Canvas, you can filter and search for the accounts you are interested in and add them to a hit list. You can plan phone calls, drop accounts that don’t make sense, and even know which accounts need the most attention in that Hit List.

Adding Accounts to a Hit List

Forecast Snapshot

A big challenge for sales managers and executives is getting an accurate sales forecast. And one of the biggest challenges is how forecasts change over time – for instance, this week the forecast for this month is $400k, but last week it was $500k.

In Sales Canvas you can quickly compare the current live forecast with previous states. Want to know what the forecast for November was…back in June? No problem.

Coming soon: forecast snapshot trends, deep dive compares, and much more.

Choose the snapshot to compare

Sales Canvas is CRM Evolved

Our team has been in CRM since day one and we know the benefits CRM can bring to your company. But we also know the challenges that exist, and the truth is that the tools themselves are the biggest problem.

CRM needs to evolve into an amazing experience for all users. And these are some examples of how Sales Canvas is changing the game.

Want a demo, trial account, or just to chat? Hit me up at chris@salescanvas.com.

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