• Chris Hamoen

Re-imagining the Future of CRM for Sales People

CRM. That three-letter acronym for Customer Relationship Management has a lot of hostility and even anger in sales people. It’s considered Clunky. Complicated. Confusing. And it is not built for sales people and therefore they do not use them.

Today, less than 20% of users fully adopt their CRM tool.

Nearly 80% of opportunities do not have any activities recorded at all.

6 Million people still use ACT.

Those are some big numbers.

CRM consultants will tell you it’s your fault:

  • You have not implemented the tool correctly.

  • You need to improve your business workflow.

  • You need to do more training.

All of that is good for the consultants, no doubt. But guess what – the CRM tool is not failing because of you … it is the CRM tool!

The reality of CRM today is that of management, reporting, and executives, and executives look at expensive, hard to understand analytics dashboards.

Let’s imagine your life is a normal week is like:

You’re on a plane Monday morning, have 4 customer meetings, make calls in-between, then on another plane Wednesday morning.

You do quotes, catch up on emails, and coordinate other internal administrative items.

And Friday you spend a half day with your sales manager updating your forecast in the CRM app (which is the only time you use CRM). You also review your key meetings and key meetings for planning and strategy, but from your notebook.

What is not entered? All the new contacts you made. All your activities. Any leads you might have uncovered – you’ll only enter those times they’ll become a real opportunity or if your forecast looks light. Because why would you?

This is the truth of CRM adoption today, and it’s completely fair.


Yes, there is a small army of new companies out there that has a new interface for your CRM tool. But there are many problems with this strategy, the largest one being you paying a significant extra cost just to make your existing “state of the art” CRM app more usable.

Plus, your customization will cause problems and will not be supported without even more customization.

And finally, if your CRM app is just an expensive database, why do you need it?


So how can CRM evolve into a tool that works for everyone – your sales team, management, and the executives?

It starts with the data.

For CRM to work, we have to get out of this data mess.

And that starts with the sales person. They need a tool that they depend on daily to be successful, not just a tool to fill out weekly reports.

If you are going to be a little bit too much – the person gets the data. Activities. Up to date deals. Reports everyone can trust.

The next generation of CRM is going to radically change. Sales people want tools that help them, and it should start with the CRM app.

  • The next generation of CRM will:

  • Ensure no account falls through the cracks

  • Keep the sales person informed with their accounts

  • Provide the ability to search, filter, and display data in a fun, simple user experience

  • Automatic data entry without the need for addons

  • Create and set plans for the day, the week, and the month

  • Proactively makes smart suggestions as a trusted coach

All in a simple app that follows what people do every day, not just an interface for the data model.

Available on the web, mobile, chat, voice, car, text. Everywhere.

Everyone wins.

And that is what we are building at Sales Canvas.

Want to know more? Hit me up at chris@salescanvas.com.

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