• Chris Hamoen

Introducing Sales Canvas (and why we changed our name)

When we first started our company, our focus was helping sales professionals stay on top of all of their accounts. Common feedback was “I wish I had an app that made sure no accounts fell through the cracks”.

So we called ourselves “Account HQ”. The headquarters for you to stay on top of all of your Accounts. Certainly a good, sensible name.

However, as we built out our product and we talked to our customers, advisors, and investors, it became clear we were becoming something more. Our original approach to build an account management tool evolved into a much bigger vision for how technology can dramatically help sales people.

Sales people asked us over and over - why isn't CRM helping me? Why isn't it solving my problems, instead of creating new problems?

The goal of the sales person is to spend as much time as possible in front of the customer, and the tools in place (such as CRM) should empower this mission, not make it more difficult.

We thought to ourselves: “Imagine a canvas upon which a sales team can paint the art that is their sales process?

So we started building a new feature called sales canvas – the ability to deeply, meaningfully personalize how our CRM app adapts to our customers and how they work.

Whenever we talked to customers about our sales canvas, they loved it.

I had a session with a friend of mine Saul Colt to chat about our company name. I didn't mind Account HQ, but I felt it was not too relatable based on what we are now about. We bounced some ideas off each other, and then I mentioned this feature that customers love called sales canvas.

He shot me a curious look and asked "why isn't that the company name"?


And so Sales Canvas was born.

Sales Canvas represents everything we do. Our proactive AI-powered sales assistant. Our beautifully simple user interface. Our compelling, interactive analytics. It drives how we think about how we build our app for sales professionals.

And one more thing. These days everyone talks about the science of selling, but let’s not forget that there is an art too. And “Sales Canvas” reminds us of that.

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