CRM Designed for Sales Organizations

Sales Canvas is the first CRM tool designed around how sales people work.


Single Screen Dashboard

Everything at your fingertips

With a simple, single screen dashboard, you can easily find what you are looking for - whether it's your customers, the latest happenings, or your calendar and tasks.

A dream cockpit for sales people.

Hit Lists

Create Pop up hit lists to plan a trip, meet a deadline and more.

Targeting a group of customers for a quick outreach is incredibly easy with Sales Canvas. For example, grab contacts in a city you are travelling to and add them to a hit list and even see them on an interactive map.

In Line Reporting

Reporting for everyone.

Reporting in business applications is often associated with pain and complexity. With Sales Canvas, it's right there, in the same interface you use every day.

Interactive reports, on demand.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting you can trust.

View, interact and update your forecast all in one place. Interactive charts so you can easily filter by month and move deals around.

Built-in snapshotting so you can track the forecast changes over time.


Want to see it in Action?


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